For having a miscarriage, it’s possible a woman can face up to 30 years in prison for manslaughter in Georgia

a fetus deserves the right to live

i think people deserve a good chance in life. I believe babies should be intentional and prepared for by people who want them and can give them what they need.

I, along with so, so many others, was the result of stupid fucking drunk, young ppl wanting to get their rocks off. I ruined their lives; they ruined mine. I wish every day that i'd have been aborted and seriously consider suicide nearly as frequently. you don't get a 2nd developmental phase... that first one is all you get.

that being said, while I AM still alive, i've committed myself to a lifetime of celibacy, because i will not be repeating the mistakes of my bio father and mother. No birth control is 100% effective. I won't be accidentally creating a fetus that ppl like you think 'has a right to live' (i.e. a right to come to this shit world to labor thousands of weeks in a row to still be poor).

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