Former US President Nixon's View on Indians

I vote for whoever I feel is most competent for the job. I was too young to vote during Clinton era. I voted for Bush, against Obama bith terms, voted trump, and would have voted trump a second term under the belief system that he was the lesser of two evils in comparison to Biden's administration. Which by the way, is cognitively in major decline and obviously unfit for the job. I did not vote in 2020. Frankly I don't regret not voting despite my encouragement to do so, but as I grow older I tend to steer away from politics, mainstream media and all branches of government because it's a disgusting monopoly. Is it wrong of me to have not voted this last term? Perhaps. I know every vote counts. But I've had happier peace of mind the less I affiliate myself with politics, only chiming in here and there as it's still important for me to know what goes on in the world. Just to be up to date on current events. Would really like to see my parenting move into a direction away from ignorance and sheeple mindset. I want my kids to be fully aware of what entails their government. And the reality of the situation. And encourage them to never miss a term when they're old enough for eligibility. And to always do their homework on the subject beforehand. I have a very specific way of thinking when regards to the insurrection, I believe Huntet should be Reprimanded for what was found on his laptop, I believe many high time celebrities got away with what they did on Epstein's Island. I believe there is more to most stories than we're told. Perhaps it could be to prevent a mass hysteria. Perhaps it's to maintain order and structure. But perhaps it could only be about power and money. Rhetorical statements of course. We already know the answer. And yes. Despite all the bullshit going on within our government, I am still a proud standing American. Born and raised. I have never left the country.

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