Full body cringe is whenever a friend hands you their phone to show you a funny video and you end up having to fake laugh during the entire thing.

You're leaving out context. Could that male Co worker leave the area and continue working away from the sound? Or were you guys working in a set area he couldn't leave? Because if he had to work there he definitely could've said it nicer like "Could you please turn that off?" Plus if you all were working in a set area that girl was kind of rude putting it on forcing others to listen to it. And she is still mad at him over that? Do you work with high schoolers at a fast food place?? Also what is with people using phones at work to watch videos? Isn't your job to work at?.. Like I get the guy was rude about it but is your job time for listening to a episode? Especially if you guys we're already talking about it?

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