The Simpsons' desperate attempt at staying relevant

it hardly seems worth it, but allow me to once again explain what my comment was in context of:

you indicated that the time-wasting impeachment (and we agree it was a waste of time) prevented the democrats from getting anything done. i pointed out they actually passed hundreds of bills in the house that died in the senate before even being brought to the floor.

this isn't "they started it mommy!" (as you seem overly fond of saying); it's a refutation of your assertion that they spent so much time on the impeachment that they accomplished nothing else.

you're the one moving goalposts by not addressing that fact. not opinion - that FACT.

make a deal with you; i'll "level out my head and think practically about things" if you'll agree to do likewise. but of course, that would involve you stepping outside your narrative and "but both sides!" nonsense.

yes, both sides suck. they have for a LONG time, as long as i've been alive. but to say the democrats have done nothing in lieu of impeachment (which is exactly what you said) is simply false.

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