Full Icebrood Saga Story Summary & Analysis by Vallun

Also probably one of the most interesting character (villain) intros they've ever had.

I didn't really know how they could possibly introduce Jormag in a decent way that wasn't just "something died, magic went over there and she woke up".

A dictator whose control is threatened because of a benevolent dragon showing up and belittling him, and him then deciding he needs one of his own to keep control was actually pretty good and pleasantly grounded compared to the universe-ending stakes of season 4. And there were a lot of smart little bits of writing for Bangar in the episode that were good personality tells, like how he interjects whenever Aurene does something to convince everyone she's doing those because he planned it. Constantly attributing things to himself are classic dictator tactics and it was neat to see that.

It went off the rails and into high gear pretty quick though. I wish they let the hell-bent charr dictator story breathe more before they introduced the dragon.

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