Girl I like at work bought me a smoothie

Like today when I saw her and her sister enter the store she just made eye contsct with meand smirked no hi or hello

She told me like a month ago bc we wrre talking about another worker I'm an asshole to ppl I like and I'm friendly and nice to p ppl l hate.

Today, I didnt talk to her and i was doing a task in a corner she came to me with a broom, smirking and pointing it at me. I grabbed it and was just talking shit at her we were both making eye contact and smiling

Then when I was done my task she was in the meat fridge (grocerybstore) the door was open and I went inside asking if anybody was inside looking above her head like shes too short for me to see.

She called me dick and asshole and she was laughing

Then she bought me a smoothie.

Enough details?

And yes your right. I'm asking anyways idgaf bc I'm not gonna be working there anymore so whatever I'm a shooter

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