Given Aboriginal Australians are the oldest continuing culture, arriving in Australia around 65,000 years ago could the oral stories of yahoos be references to archaic humans like the neanderthal and denisovan who died out 40,000 and 30,000-15,000 years ago?

“As the oldest continuous living civilizations in the world, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have strength, tenacity, and resilience.”

“Human occupation of Australia dates back to at least 65,000 years. Aboriginal ontologies incorporate deep memories of this past, at times accompanied by a conviction that Aboriginal people have always been there. This poses a problem for historians and archaeologists: how to construct meaningful histories that extend across such a long duration of space and time. While earlier generations of scholars interpreted pre-colonial Aboriginal history as static and unchanging, marked by isolation and cultural conservatism, recent historical scholarship presents Australia's deep past as dynamic and often at the cutting-edge of human technological innovation. This historiographical shift places Aboriginal people at the centre of pre-colonial history by incorporating Aboriginal oral histories and material culture, as well as ethnographic and anthropological accounts. “

Just a quick search but the real proof will be found when I search Svante Paabo and anthropaleontology. These articles are harder to find and harder to read so I will stop here. Further, scientists in published journals that are peer reviewed do not just make up numbers like 65,000 years. They can only use this number if there is sufficient evidence to justify its use. We do not understand archaeology, palaeontology or paleoanthropology or the very specific use of and meaning of terms. Such as what variables and evidence are considered when defining a culture as continuous.

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