You should judge if your dating gurus have had relationship success before you listen to them

They might need help and not scorn, but some absolutely need to be told their perceptions of reality are simply not based in fact. Example? It’s been posted just in the last week:

that women in their 20’s will only have sex with the top twenty percent of men.

All women have a slut phase.

It’s common for women in their early twenties to prefer 35 year old men.

Requiring a virgin bride will not limit your prospects at age 30 because 1/3 of women are still virgins at 25.

That any disagreement with a poster means you hate men.

That it’s fine for men to say all women suck because it’s true, but apparently all women unfairly say men suck, and that’s not okay at all. If you point out most people don’t think an entire half of the world sucks, and point out the hypocrisy, you are the one who is hateful.

I could go on.

I’ve had a few conversations with delusional women here too.

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