Giving away my EN acc! ^^"

Gah! They look so cute! I started by watching the Love Live! anime, and it has actually sort of made an impact on my life in this short time.

I've lived in a small town most of my life, where there's not much for kids to do, so most of them end up partying, drinking, doing drugs, and having kids at a young age. I'd stay at home, play videogames and watch anime, and people would harass me for it. I started playing SIF not long after seeing the anime, and I've had people bug me about it on transit.

I recently moved from that small freezing dump to the biggest city in the province, which was scary for me. I didn't have a lot of friends before, but now I had none. I looked around for interest clubs online and eventually found out there was a Lolita community that had meetups every couple of weeks. (this is lolita for anyone unaware )

I bought some fairly cheap stuff to go, but I was afraid I didn't look as good as anyone else and was nervous that people would think I was weird or not good enough to be in their community. When I got there, it was a small cafe packed full of girls in giant frilly dresses, and a few guys. I was a bit relieved right away, and a girl wearing fluffy alpacas on her head came to greet me and offer me candy. (for real)

Despite the initial warm welcome, most of them broke off into groups and I was sitting alone drinking a milkshake and playing 3DS, until I heard Snow Halation. I guess my love for videogames overpowered my crippling fear of people and it was the icebreaker I needed. It turned out that quite of few of the people there played SIF and (despite not being that good) I helped a few of them S combo some songs and somehow felt a lot better knowing we had some small thing in common. Now I'm good friends with a lot of them and we all get together to see eachother once or twice a month, sometimes more.

Now we just need to start an idol group, I guess. We have the outfits already..

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