How to use 2 numbers in a text string + 3rd number in the same string to determine which cell to retrieve

Sorry for not being more clear. I'll attempt to answer your questions in the order in which they were asked.

E12 is where I want the value from the table referenced from the Installation Kit pricing info table.

B3 is the cell that contains the data (user entry) that identifies which Installation Kit is necessary.

Code in B3 (CCXNNTT-#) is picked from a drop down list.

No, each Installation Kit is used by 2 different codes (for example, CCX64HO-6 Lamp and CCX64-6 Lamp share the same Installation Kit, and CCX36HO-4 Lamp shares the same Installation Kit with CCX36-4 Lamp). I can add each of the applicable codes to the Installation Kit table.

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