She graduated today. I couldn't be more pleased to know I'll never run into her again

Her and I met right before finals week. During finals week, I asked her I she wanted to continue spending time together during break and getting to know each other. She gleefully said yes. Awhile after, I comfortable her when she was nervous about an exam. I gave her a hug, gave her advice straight from my heart on how to stay calm and stay in the moment. When we pulled away from each other, she was in near tears (I perceived them to be of emotional joy/relief at the time, but who really knows?) and asked "We're still gonna hang out after all of this, right?" I told her of course and that I was very much looking forward to it. She told me I was the best. I touched base with her about when we could meet and she got all weird and defensive. She claimed that she only viewed me as a friend, had no romantic interest in me and didn't want to be in a relationship. I was hurt. I reached out one more time to try and talk things out, and she just doubled down on not liking me. At that point, I just made a point of breaking contact. Didn't text her over break. Never said hello when passing her by on campus, etc. I can't say it was ignoring because she never reached out to me either. I found out later that she was deeply hurt that I didn't reach out (keep in mind, I actually did, she wanted me to do it again). So naturally, she quickly moved onto some other dude, that fizzles out even quicker than my thing with her, and she went totally off the deep end.

Although I'm grateful that she pulled away before things got super serious, I do wonder why she did that and what type of response was ideal for her to her actions.

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