Graveyard Shift workers of Reddit, what crazy, creepy, unbelievable things have you seen working in the dead of night?

I worked at an all night diner in a crummy town.

One recurring thing that springs to mind is this couple that would come in.

The man was short, ugly, like...meth ugly, stupid, rude and either in or a hanger-around to a white power gang. The woman was mentally handicapped to some degree, but polite.

Anyhow, they had no car and arrived with one pushing the other in the middle of the night in a shopping cart.

I only recall them coming in in the winter when it was especially slow at work.

They'd arrive, share a free-refills drink for hours, usually bicker about something between themselves the whole time. Sometimes just one subject, sometimes the bickering was more fluid. By the end of the night it would be time to push or get pushed home, they'd bicker about that. The guy would generally be the push-ee on the trip home.

I never saw them arrive in the cart due to the layout of the restaurant, but would go out of my way to watch them depart.

I think the guy would usually get pushed both ways, just convincing the woman to push 'this time' for some bullshit tradeoff that would never come, or on account of some previous thing he'd done for her.

I'd watch them return to their cart that they'd left with its rear wheels in a parking spot and its front wheels lifted up and set in a planter, the woman fighting to keep it steady, and fighting the slight slope of the parking lot, while the man struggled to climb into the basket from over the outside of the cage and get situated into a comfortable seating arrangement.

I knew the easiest way to do it before I ever even saw them try it. The pusher should stand at the front holding the basket. The rider should stand as if going to push, then crouch way down and push the part if the grate under the handle, which pivots up over 180 degrees, then moving as far forward in the cart as possible, allowing the grate to retrace its arc back down to its original position, then lean back and voila, comfortably seated.

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