Do you guys agree that adhd can interfere your mathematics skills?

I had a professor ask me to be his TA because I did really well in his course.

Prior to this class I had to test into college level algebra because my scores from back in high school (which at that time was 6 years prior) had me at remedial math level.

I told my advisor I was going to take the test and she told me most people don't test into college level algebra with the scores I had. Well after a week of crash coursing I did.

I always did well in math, at least at the beginning of the school year. But I was undiagnosed back then, so it was inevitable that I would get bored eventually and become unable to focus anymore.

BUT I have always been a bit slow at math. It takes a little time for me to grasp it and understand the purpose. I also can't do mental math for shit. Don't be asking me how many years ago 1997 was, we don't have the time for my finger counting. I also don't remember anything anymore, so I am basically back to remedial I'd assume. lol

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