Guys who take a long time to finish, how does it affect your sex life? Is there anything your partner does that makes you finish faster? What if you have a high libido, are you less likely to initiate because of the investment?

Unfortunately, an extremely unpleasant upbringing and set of life circumstances left me with a series of issues which gives me a near tragic level of stamina. I would seriously consider anything that could reduce my stamina down to 5-15 minutes, because having sex for hours at a time sounds awesome to guys who watch a ton of porn, and to women who think that kind of stamina is the gold standard. The truth is, you utterly exhaust your partner in every way. Tired? No, they’re in a near coma. Sore? No. That doesn’t begin to describe the level of eventual discomfort. Lube? Invest in big quantities, and often. Amazon is your friend.

Ever had blue balls because you couldn’t get off during your 30 minute session? Now imagine that your body keeps you on the razor’s edge of an orgasm, desperate to cum, and this goes on for WEEKS. The misery is real. So, why do this at all if you can’t cum? Because you actually love sex, and just because you can’t cum, the look in the eyes of your partner, that happy, elated, love-drunk look is enough to keep me coming back for more, even as much as the hope that I’ll one day experience what she gets to. As long as they stay with me, who could possibly love me, I’m all in, all the time, hoping to find someone who wants to please me as much as I want to please them, and aren’t chased away by my drive.

So to answer your question? I initiate all the time, even though most of my partners need considerable rest periods between requisite carnality. I know that over time, my partners are less likely to invest, because while they’re having a good time, be it rough or vanilla, it’s exhausting. But if there is one thing that helps at all for me? It’s positive affirmation. Encouragement. It may not sound like much, but it helps. It may not happen that day, or even in a week, but sometimes, it’s enough to push me over the edge, and those moments are indescribably beautiful. It makes all the physical pain, all the aches, all the screaming inside me just fade away long enough to possibly even drift off to sleep, holding someone dear to my heart in my arms. It’s fucking magic.

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