[H] FOUR PACKS SPLIT FREE collateral is a must read the rules 65 FREE GAMES 27 PAYDAY 2, 27 PAYDAY THE HEIST 11 LEFT 4 DEAD 2 :) [W] happy Christmas !


this is chat

Never tell your password to anyone. ã…¤: hi **gifts101: hi wait plz for game *gifts101: few people in line ã…¤: ok *gifts101: ok *gifts101: your turn *gifts101: what game ? ã…¤: Payday 2 *gifts101: collateral rdy ? ã…¤: Not sure what you value at 9 keys *gifts101: what ? *gifts101: four pack is 4 games *gifts101: of payday 2 ã…¤: yeah ã…¤: collateral *gifts101: what is not clear ? *gifts101: lets do it then You have accepted the trade request from ã…¤. *gifts101: whats that ? ã…¤: collat? *gifts101: you have keys ? *gifts101: or items *gifts101: ? ã…¤: nope ã…¤: Items *gifts101: what items ? ã…¤: CS:Go ã…¤: ... *gifts101: let me check sce *gifts101: sec *gifts101: what item you have *gifts101: that worth *gifts101: 9 keys ã…¤: Case series 1 and Bravo cases ã…¤: go for $3 each ã…¤: and I have a lot ã…¤: I'm not going to scam lol ã…¤: you can check my rep thread on Source OP *gifts101: maybe but to be honest 10 people tray to scam me *gifts101: so i need collateral *gifts101: i hope you understand ã…¤: I know ã…¤: that should be plenty of collateral ã…¤: I have a P90 worth $14... ã…¤: etc ã…¤: can use that instead *gifts101: i don't like this trades *gifts101: i like 9 keys or 1-2 items of value ã…¤: That is 1-2 items of value.. ã…¤: if you have keys to add we can use my BMOC ã…¤: 1 item.. *gifts101: way wuld i add keys *gifts101: i have like 2000 dollars *gifts101: value *gifts101: in inventory *gifts101: of games ã…¤: Because BMOC goes for like $24 *gifts101: lol *gifts101: ... ã…¤: and I don't trust you *gifts101: you don't trust me *gifts101: i just gave away like 500$ of games *gifts101: free *gifts101: to people *gifts101: on reddit ã…¤: you have no SGS flair ã…¤: ok *gifts101: because i don't ask *gifts101: them *gifts101: for it ã…¤: you seem like a good guy ã…¤: but still *gifts101: look you just take my time bro *gifts101: and that not trusting me *gifts101: there is no logick in that ã…¤: ie. you are a scammer *gifts101: when you see my inventory and reddit post ã…¤: and you can't win this one ã…¤: lel ã…¤: gg ã…¤: no re *gifts101: i''m a scammer *gifts101: you for real ? *gifts101: i will post this on reddit now ã…¤: I have offered you 4 perfect trades ã…¤: 1-2 items each ã…¤: over paying in collat ã…¤: and you refuse each *gifts101: you are idiot **gifts101: .... ã…¤: and say I am wasting your time ã…¤: you are so stupid

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