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Ughhh.... that thread is everything that is wrong with the epistemology of Mormonism (and most religions).

If there is evidence in favor of your model of reality and evidence against your model of reality your model of reality is WRONG. I don't understand why this is difficult to understand. Positive and negative evidence is something you debate in a court of law out of necessity. Its not how you form your beliefs about reality.

When creating models of reality every single piece of evidence that exists must be 'positive evidence'. The moment your model contradicts any of the available evidence you must either reexamine the evidence to make sure that the observation was in fact accurate (which is usually fairly easy to do) and THEN you must modify or set aside your model. Its simple.

"But thats science and we are talking about faith!!"

No. I didn't just describe science, I described a methodology that works. Science works because it too uses this methodology. But science is much more than what I just described. Science has no problem with models of reality that are false as long as they are useful (Newton's laws of motion). Science will also entertain models of reality that are unknowable as long as they are coherent (Sting Theory).

The reason science works and we find it so valuable is because it doesn't pretend to know things it doesn't know. It doesn't engage in intellectual dishonesty. Science knows that you don't prove theories true.

I find it mind numbingly infuriating when I hear a Mormon say something a long the lines of "I know there is evidence for and against the book of Mormon." Really? You know that? Because if you know that then you know the 'Book of Mormon' (the concept that exists in your mind) is false. End of story. You have two choices. Either you stop labeling the Book of Mormon 'true' OR (at the vey least) you have to set aside your simplistic model of what the Book of Mormon is and create a new model Yet I very rarely see Mormons even attempt this and I haver never actually seen it done in a coherent manner.

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