Happy 4th of July

Democracy should be non-negotiable. I know this is from some game I don't know and I know this is a gaming subreddit, but I'm drunk so I just want to say that actual democracy should be the foundation of every country in the world. Governments control what happens and they, to a degree control peoples lives, so those people should be able to control what the government does, and at the moment, even in the first world countries of the world, people do not have enough control over what their overlords do. In the US we vote every two years for representatives that make hundreds of decisions every day that decide how our life works. Those representatives take money to secure their jobs (read "livelihood" aka campaign donations) from huge corporations so that they side with these huge corporations, regardless of what their constituents think. These representatives DO NOT REPRESENT THE PEOPLE. THEY REPRESENT THE PEOPLE WHO GET THEM REELECTED. This is how the system works and it is fucked.

All that being said, I don't know what we should do. Does anyone have any ideas? Elect people who aren't being funded as previously explained? How do we know who that is? Is there a solution or are we fucked?

Anyway, I wouldn't be surprised if this gets removed as this is 100% the wrong subreddit for this, but this post just sparked this up in me for some reason. My anger about what our government does just sits inside me forever until I can actually cast a ballot for some people I actually believe in. Until then, I will make posts like this that get deleted pretty quickly or don't get read at all. Have a good night peoples.

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