Harper Taking Aim At Drug War Progress

applied politics is hypocrisy. In an ideal world I would see alcohol banned from private (non-pub) consumption and possibly more. This particular substance is unfortunately engrained as such a widespread cultural practice that further measures at this point in time are unfeasible. Tobacco is another can of worms entirely and largely under control, thanks to the prolific work of activists.

Marijuana is a known harmful substance worth eradicating, but the current nature of public debate as a backlash prevents effective use of tobacco/reasoned debate model of reduction. While at one point less aggressive strategies would be feasible, the 60's (and legacy) has spawned a nonconformist general drug counterculture associated with the substance totally immune to attempts to curb use. Supply-driven interdiction strategies during the early phases of the war on drugs has produced a "grassroots" type situation whereby addicted personalities now agitate and autonomously attempt to proliferate their behavior. This has taken on a cultural dimension easily evidenced by Reddit. Simply canning the "war on drugs" for marijuana is not going to remove this culture nor it's potential expansion to other forms of substance abuse. This situation warrants a forcible clampdown and dispersal of this culture in a way that can only be accomplished by repressive means. This is to end both demand and supply of the corrupt black market and personalities thriving off of it within Canada. Portugal has simply ended the problem of supply. Execution of criminals is justifiable and even favorable, given it is a means of evolutionarily rejecting criminal personalities and associated culture, ensuring future cohesion of the system.

I do not believe the rank and file of these elements are personally culpable or otherwise to blame, nor that they need to be treated harshly or otherwise gratuitously harmed. This is aimed at disrupting cultural leadership and more importantly local dealers. In a manner that disciplines individual behavior as well. Affluent society unchecked is the pursuit of indulgence to the point of inefficiency overshoot - commonly referred to as decadence. The appropriate response to this problem, in my opinion, is to dominate the cultural influence and reduce it back to roots which can be nipped.

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