University of Sydney moving to cut 30% of its Arts and Social Science courses

Yeah was getting over 100/tute myself through the phd. Finished the phd and even got a liftoff fellowship from the australian maths society following that. However that only came with 3.5k which doesn't go far when it comes to rent, power, food etc.. Nor does 40/hour to record video lectures.. that's what you can hope for at those levels, even if you've pointed out a pretty big mathematical mistake from a nobel prize winning economist..

Faced homelessness and unsurprisingly was unable to do the work for the liftoff fellowship while my dad passed away, told the uni to get fucked after that and went through a mental breakdown due to facing homelessness. Of course people insisted I was just delusional and any other mental illness they could think of, nothing to do with poverty which just frustrated me and made the situation worse.

Thankfully kicking ass agai now and make the world's fastest website generator.

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