Help with a question that just occurred to me

Being someone who was delusional enough to have joined the US Army at one point it's incredibly hard to go against the grain once you start to wake up. Especially in a war zone. Gillette v. United States established that you can't become a conscience objector because of any beliefs concerning certain wars or conflicts. Even if you could it takes months to get approved, if at all. Overseas such paperwork isn't even going to get filed.

Even when you view yourself as the oppressor it doesn't change the fact that the other side is literally going to try and kill you and those you've learned to care about. You have no one but "the enemy" to run to. Just stop fighting and you'll end up with a dishonorable discharge and time in prison. Which will severely limit housing and job options afterwards.

Distributing critical materials or writing critically against the government or the establishment is also potentially grounds for the same. But you're far more likely to get something referred to as an Article 15 where they take your rank and a months pay on top of assigning extra duty. Now you're working 140 hours a week for free.

Even though speaking critically isn't illegal or in violation of regulations that doesn't stop your superiors from fucking with you every chance they can. They'll also punish your peers for what you do or say to get them to alienate themselves from you. Eventually you're just a traitor and no one around you wants to do anything to help you. Instead they all join in to get you to do whatever makes them giggle. You become so sleep deprived it doesn't matter what's legal or not because you don't have the time, energy, or means to learn or reach out.

Even when you've seen a doctor so many times for torn muscles, hairline fractures, and whatever illness their efforts to report abuse go nowhere good. The doctor is at least nice enough to give you pain killers and a "dead man's profile" which prevents your chain of command from making you do anything physical. Then your doctor is pressured to not help at all because shit went up, around, and is now on her.

After many, many months of hell you finally get released from active duty. Then a year later you get orders in the mail to return to duty. Jail, abuse, or just play the game? /u/PersonalFreedom went back and played the game for another year. /u/PersonalFreedom was not that strong.

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