What is the most heartless thing that someone close to has done that has ended up changing your opinion of them indefinitely?

Early this morning, my step son showed me a text between his Mother and Grandmother. He was eating breakfast this morning at our table when he got a text from his Grandmother asking what was wrong with his sister. She was sitting at the table across from him eating breakfast so he replied, nothing.

His Grandmother got very irate and accused him of lying and told him that his Mother had texted her with news that his sister was on life support. He asked his Grandmother to screen shot the message and then texted his Mother and Step-Father saying that his Grandmother was upset and said that his sister was on life support... His Mother replied and said that she meant to type life skills not life support, but didn't know he had a screen shot of the whole message where Mother says that his sister only has a few weeks to live.

Apparently, Grandmother had asked Mother's, Husband's sister to take care of her two dogs for a while (I don't know how long). The sister could no longer do so and contacted the Grandmother to see where to go from there was told by the Grandmother to take the dogs to the Mother's house and she would pick them up over the weekend that just passed (she lives a distance away).

For whatever reason, the Grandmother could not make it up so my Step-son's Mother had the two dogs put to sleep. When the Grandmother found out, there was a big argument and the Mother got upset that Grandmother was more upset that the dogs had been put to sleep than seeing her grandchildren. So in turn Mother texts Grandmother late last night. In the text his Mother tells his Grandmother that the grandchildren miss her and that one of the Grandaughters (that actually is disabled) is on life support and only has a few weeks to live.

He asked his Mother about the situation and her reply was that the Grandmother needed to have a "dose of what reality could be" and that people that live with animals and that put animal needs before family and their own prosperity are animals themselves.

I'm totally appalled by this and just can't wrap my head around the whole situation... We're all confused as to why someone would joke about something like that, especially if it could be a reality with a disabled child. Not to mention the whole seemingly heartless act of putting down to healthy dogs to teach someone a lesson or decide what's best for them.

I never really had too much of a problem with Step-son's Mother. I know she cares not for me but I think this has finally sealed the deal...

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