Helpful Target review on Rosalina

My husband and I are parents on the hunt for Amiibos for our kids. I think we are the exception to the rule, however, and I often think of parents who don't have their finger on the pulse of all things Amiibo. We are pretty connected, as far as parents go. We have a personal relationship with our local GameStop employees (we've had this for years) and we keep up to date with any new releases/Nintendo news. I check this subreddit multiple times a day for any new Amiibo news. I had a feeling the Amiibos might end up being hard to get, so we were at TRU on Black Friday when they opened. We were able to grab 2 of each Wave 1 Amiibo.

The search for Waves 2 and 3 have not been easy. We headed off a scalper in TRU trying to get Little Mac. Imagine my husband racing through the store, pushing me in my wheelchair, trying to reach the Amiibos first. Unfortunately, the scalper got there first and started grabbing every Little Mac off the shelf - smacking the head of the toddler he was holding into the shelf with each grab. My husband is a teddy bear, but he doesn't look like it at 6'4". He walked right up to the guy and told him to save some for other customers. Mr. Scalper then gets defensive and walks away with all the Little Macs his arms could carry.

Like I said, I think we are the exception. I can't imagine the struggle for the parent who is not informed. Our kids have a friend on the autism spectrum. He loves playing Smash with the kids on weekends at church. (The Middle School/High School area there has a WiiU with Smash Bros.) His favorite character? Little Mac. He has no awareness of Little Mac's rarity, he just loves him. There's no way his parents will be able to get one for him, and we didn't know them when we got Little Mac for our kids. So, our hunt continues as Wave 4 and the SMB series is coming soon. Oh, and we search for another Little Mac in hopes of bringing joy to another young Nintendo fan.

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