Helping your FLGS (Friendly Local Game Store/Shop)

Maybe you do have a FLGS, but they’re not too fond of the “Friendly” part, in that case I understand too.

You briefly mentioned this, but I believe the comments support the fact that a large number of game stores don't provide enough value to justify spending a little extra rather than going for the lowest price.

When I first started getting into the hobby (and when I lived in a place where the best game selection in town was at Barnes and Noble), game stores seemed like magical places. Browsing the shelves of games, seeing people playing games in-store, and being able to talk shop to staff members who actually love the hobby too produced a kid in the candy store effect.

Now that I've been playing games for a while, I'm much more critical. On the whole, I've had way more success online when it comes to finding new people to play games with and doing research about games. The one major competitive advantage game stores have over online stores is the ability to provide a comfortable, physical space to play games. So few stores get this right - simple things like keeping the restrooms clean, buying comfortable chairs, and providing decent snack options.

There is one FLGS I do support - they have a great play space, a great game library, a variety of food and drink options (both healthy and unhealthy), and organized events that don't take over the store (always room for open gaming). I probably buy about half of my board games from them and always buy something (even if it is just a drink) when I go there. But it took me quite a while to find a place I enjoy playing games at - and I'm starting to grow weary of this morale crusade where the future of the hobby depends on gamers bearing the burden of supporting game stores.

Game stores are not my friends - they are businesses, and as such, they need to provide a service at a reasonable price. And if they can't do that, then I have no problem with the board game business model centering around selling games and organizing communities online - the hobby and industry won't die if that happens, it will just evolve.

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