ITT: Stripper Names

Well, I will provide you with my argument. I analyzed both the comment you posted and his previous comments which leads me to believe that it is him.

-1. The comment uses lots of transitions and plenty of commas. A unique example of this not really ever seen on the plounge is the commas before 'and' despite there not needing to be.

I am really uncomfortable right now, and it has nothing and everything to do with you!

Compared to other comments of his:

So I rescued them, and ended up paying full price for the rest elsewhere!

Oh yeah, and I drank the Plounge water, and now I'm totally in love with all of you.

-2. He also starts his sentence with 'and' which is another uncommonly used style.


And I don't have any smokes, cause I quit


I'm teasin! And even if you did mean it lke that, I would still be there for you, just so you know.

...but stand firm on where you stand, ya dig? And chose your battles wisely.

-3. Another uncommon thing seen on the plounge is how the emotes are placed. Rather than being seperated with an /sp, they are layered like this:

You can see that layering in the comment you posted as well as previous comments of his:




-4. The use of parentheses in the comment. Especially after the end of the sentence. Also the lack of punctuation at the end of the parentheses

... everything to do with you! (If you know what I mean)


Neeeeeeerds! (I love you all so very much)

Awww! at least I'm not alone in my waiting (oh so alone)

It'll happen! Never give up. Could be worse, you could have just closed on a house with a pregnant wife, only to get laid off a week later! (Me ten years ago)

Best of luck! You can do it! (Whatever it may be, I have faith in you)

-5. Both the commenter and Inopony do not rely on a single pony for emotes.

Example of commenter's in your thing and Ino's:

Just scroll and look at the diversity; however, all three ponies used in the comment you sent are also used in Ino's history.

-6. Similar to #1; Short sentence structures but with plenty (and quite a surplus) of commas to separate them.


I need a stiff drink, and a smoke. And I don't have any smokes, cause I quit.


I really can't see the appeal, but I'm sure someone out there likes it unironically, and that's ok. Everyone has their own tastes! Also, I don't really carry a torch for FlashLight. Get it? Ahahaha

I don't know how to take these comments... I don't feel like a badass most times. I usually feel pretty shitty about myself, or here lately, more like a pretty pretty princess. But never a badass!

-7. The commenter says he needs a 'stiff drink'. Inopony is a drinker of fine liquor:




-8. The commenter quit smoking.

So has Ino. Very recently too

And that's what I got from just comparing his past comments' styles with the one that you provided us. I'm not even going to use any of my previous knowledge which I've gained from conversations with him.

So are you going to continue denying or are you going to admit it to me? You could've told me over pm; however, you did not. Now here we are. The two of us and /u/Squirrelit

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