Chicago architects offer six out-of-the-box ideas for the site of the Spire that never was.

Jesus dude. You take this site and this sub WAY too seriously. You're easily the most annoying person I see on here on the reg. Get over it.

I live and work across from the thing. So I see it every day. I would know.

I work right down the street from it, I see it all the time during the summer. I know your go to defensive comment is to accuse people of being from/living in the suburbs when your precious opinion is challenged, but you don't really have a unique perspective on the fountain because you work near it. So does a large percentage of Chicago's professional working population.

Anyone who called that a "standing pool" to my face would get laughed at. It is like an inch or overfill from the fountains. Also, are you really denying that the fountains are intermittent. Here watch an entire video confirm exactly what I said about the fountain, but you see it every day, right?

You seem to struggle at differentiating between a small, rather active attraction, and a large still body of water.

I didn't know all the other public pools in Chicago were filled with Pigeons and homeless either.

Let me ask you this? Have you ever seen the eternal flame in summer vs winter? Have you ever smelled the trains in summer vs winter? When it gets cold, the pigeons and homeless people find warmth wherever they can. I think that a large, year round pool filled with heated water would be the PRIME location during the cold months.

Also, on to the pigeon thing, if you've ever heard anyone describe what being inside the Buckingham fountain is like, it is largely described as the filthiest thing imaginable. Largely due to the fact that there is tons of pigeon shit in it. So, yeah, where there are tons of pigeons, the water sources get dirty. The Crown Fountain is a little different because it is incredibly active and relatively small.

So please, tell me more how our city won't be able to keep someone out of a major public pool.

The largest percentage of homelessness seems to be in downtown. How many public pools in downtown Chicago? I don't see very many homeless people in the neighborhoods where there are public pools. Put a large warm tub of hot water in downtown Chicago and we'll see who is right.

Or, maybe like other people, realize my comment is largely humorous, pull the stick out of your ass, and try to enjoy life.

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