Helwani on Twitter: "Continue to be told Cyborg is breezing through this weight cut. She was just 8 lbs over three hours ago & hadn't stopped drinking water yet." 135 future?

It depends on the type of PED you're using, and the amount.

There are cycles people do to build, and cycles people do to cut.

It's definitely possible she could have been 145 at 8% and that's why she didn't want drop down anymore because of how muscular she was, sure. So you'd be right in that case.

But she could have at anytime simply by changing the cycle around, doing a bit less, and come in at 135 at the similar percentage. She obviously just didn't want to for whatever reason. It's not like steroids just automatically make you a certain size, they make you whatever size you want based on the amount you're taking. So she had to know what she was doing. She was paying for, and taking more gear than she would have needed to if she had wanted to be 135.

But yeah, there's no doubt that getting off gear would make her less muscular too; it would also make her more fat though.

So the bottom line would be: If she was on a relatively small dose, she would/could be a more muscular and less fat 135 (which would be great for her if it was allowed); but at a relatively huge dose then she would be far too muscular to ever be 135, even at a low percentage, because of how muscular she was, which may have been the situation before.

I don't know if I'm explaining it clearly but: at high doses, then yeah you're right, she would be too big to ever make 135 regardless of fat (if you're 145 pounds of muscle, you can't get lower unless you become less muscle, meaning you reduce your dosage)...but if she was taking a low dosage she could still be on steroids and then she'd just be leaner, and more muscular, and still make 135.

Does that make sense? I feel like I'm saying it in a bunch of different ways, so let me know if it doesn't.

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