Here is a petition against paying for mods.

Even before this modding shit storm, Valve has been a terrible company.. You guys constantly complain about other company's, mainly the AAA devs, shitting on their consumers by selling them yearly rehashes of the games that millions of people all over the world buy and spend as much time playing as you do playing your "perfect games".. yet, the company worshipped here, who's CEO is a GOD here, mocks you all by their refusal to release the game you all have wanted for so long. You guys then come up with a bunch of excuses for them, to maintain their perfect status, to yourselves and others... I've seen posts all over this place where people are called stupid, and idiots for spending their money at the things they enjoy, yet you upvote and praise ridiculous things like guys and girls putting on costumes to look like fucking cartoon characters.. So again, why are we the idiots?

But anyway, back to Valve.. then theirs Steam. You guys are so misinformed or people are deliberately spreading bullshit and lies just for worthless internet points [yet we're stupid?], the number of times people would say "e.g. fuck EA, fuck Origin and it's stupid DRM, they should put all their games on Steam, etc." and they have managed to create the Walmart of PC gaming.. You guys are so blinded by your love for Valve that you all have completely missed the fact that they're a huge reason why companies now can just barely go known, but never rise beyond that.. And now they stand unopposed earning money from pretty much every game dollar made.. EA's Origin is the only thing keeping it from being a true and complete monopoly, yet a lot of people want it to go?.. Why the fuck would you guys literally want one company controlling 100 percent of a multi-billion dollar industry? [yet we're stupid right?] As bad as EA are, they fuck up a lot, and hard, over promise and under deliver constantly, but honestly speaking guys, is there another company in gaming that works as hard as they do to fix their mistakes? Look at Sim City, look at BF 4, the Sims 4, Fifa 15 [the market is better now, anyone who disagrees is pissed they can't Pay-2-win anymore.] and so many others. You guys shit on them for releasing "shitty-broken stuff that sucks", yet millions all over the world buy that stuff and millions all over the world enjoy it.. a.k.a. "idiots".. for liking something that you don't like.. So EA are bad for wanting to make money for offering things to people that they are not forced to buy but do so anyway because they enjoy it, and we are idiots for spending our money on what we want, but you guys aren't for supporting a company that literally does not give a shit about you guys..

Look at their Customer Service for example, it's shit because they don't give any.. Comcast gets shit on for bad Customer Service and other things yet you can talk to a person there if you want to find out how to log onto and do it within minutes, yet days or even weeks may pass before you even get a non-canned response from an actually person if you're a victim of a hack. Yet while EA and DICE are trying to defend probably one of the best looking PC games ever, for choosing to make a game they paid millions for just to make, the way they want [like do you guys bitch at the modder's you guys seem to be all about defending right now, when they choose to make a mod they want? just wondering?] How haven't the apparently 100 million subscribers of this multi-billion dollar platform risen up to make this a well known issue? Even if it rarely happens, it still does, yet these issues are pretty swept under the circle jerk's rug, yet when the same thing would happen to another company like EA or Activision it's mass hysteria.. With the same phrases, gifs, imgur links over and over again..

Then there's the thirty percent they take.. the actual server costs for hosting other people's work, is pea-nuts compared to what they make from that 30 percent. If Valve cared about the consumer, they'd take less, so that the small companies would have more to make more. But they can't.. Because Walve is stopping them.. The PC gaming world existed before Steam. Games got sold, people would find away to get their content out, and cheaper too like they did before Steam, consoles can do it and amount record sales, or would breaking the gamer stereotype and actually leaving your mom's basement to get a game, too hard? Like why are we idiots for buying consoles if we enjoy consoles? Yet you guys aren't for buying so much useless shit from Walve that you will never ever ever be able to enjoy as much as we enjoy our console? Like I've seen people post here how they have 497 games on Steam. What the fuck? Why the fuck do you have so many games? Because you want to? But we can't want to have our consoles, without being idiots, because? What Valve does with Steam is offer people dirt cheap shit that low quality and not even worth the time, or effort to be advertised for rock bottom prices, and you guys buy it up and praise them for the Steam sales, where they basically force companies into sales, [low to mid range devs] and STILL take 30%. the big companies don't need to budge, the small ones do and miss out on revenue for their now low paying full time job that losses 30% because of Steam.. But how is their company with this amazing game supposed to grow? hmm, I know, they'll do exactly what EA with the good smaller devs and buy them up, engulf their game and milk it as your own. So many here praise Valve for "making" Dota 2, L4D, and other games.. Either deliberately bullshitting or lying or just willingly misinformed. So yeah, and now they're milking you guys even harder.. Making you guys work like slaves, for 25%.. Modders don't even benefit from that.. In four years they paid out 57 million dollars to 1500+ modders [remember mods don't cash out until 400 total earned, so if you reach 399.99 and you aren't smart enough to just buy your own mod, the game updates which makes your mod obsolete and the developer made the code harder or more complex, so you give up on that mod, and because of auto update and Steams inability to revert game versions, no one ever buys it, you guess who just made 399.99?] Do the fucking math guys, there are a hell of a lot more than 1500 modders on Steam Workshop. Steam has basically made the unlucky ones unable to pass their maliciously high cash out mark, work their asses off for the purpose of making money to make their clearly fucking bland game better [otherwise you geniuses wouldn't be putting in hundreds of ours to make it better.. but we're idiots?] and Valve profits 100 percent The greatest thing to PC gaming? Really? Exploitation? You guys are basically what iSheep are to Apple. But wait there's more, here's what the average lucky modder to get paid actually made.... less than 10 thousand a year? assume that the mod got to the top because you genius gamers only buy what's best and quality and not shitty because this clear piece of CONTENT that you are PAYING your money to DOWLOAD is not the evil DLC that EA[hitler] releases for idiots like me buy? only instead of being and EA spending their own money to make it better their making the gamers do it themselves and if we assume that a good mod worth buying, takes 800 to 1000 hours over 4 years to make and maintain, then they're getting anywhere between 9.50 and 11.875 and hour oh and did I mention, Steam is paying nothing for this and making between 28.50 and 35.625 and hour for their work? But EA and Activision are charging 15 dollars to recoup some of the costs of making their expensive content?

Oh and did I say refund? Yeah you get one, once. And that's it. What a great company eh? Even Walmart offers more than that.. so they're worse than Walmart. They love that 30 percent.

tl;dr All companies need to make money but if you guys don't see what you created, you need to take a step back from Gabe's tits and look at the Walve that stands before us.. And they're trying hard as hell to break into the console market too.. If that succeeds and becomes as big as Steam, gaming is done. yeah read this

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