[Heyman] Blue Jays Unlikely To Deal Josh Donaldson

So let me guess this straight. They should give an extension to a player who:

*has lower body issues. *has regressed (still good but not MVP good) *32 before next season *wants payday

a 35-27 million dollar contract for about 5-6 years based on:

*Tulo becoming Tulo again (even though every year is getting worst). *Martin staying the same. *Devon Travis becoming healthy and actually being good for an entire season (in which he has never done before) *Smoak continues to play like this even though he is clear candidate to regress. *get two SP's in free agency that are cheap and can be extremely productive. *add a few bullpen pieces. *assume rookies like Teoscar become everyday players. *replace Bautista. *everybody is healthy all season even though this team has Tulo, Pearce, Donaldson and Martin on the team.

And then say, "just replacing them with the 35 million dollars they have from two players they got rid of" even though:

*they are competing against other teams. *the assumption that everybody wants to sign for the Jays *going the opposite direction than last year when this subreddit congratulated Shatkins in not spending an obscene amount of money on Fowler because "you don't build through free agency" *replacing two players salaries for two pitchers, an outfielder, bullpen arms just to replace players that are leaving. *and not using free agency/trades to fix the glaring problems they currently have. You know, the same glaring problems that let this team be top 10 worst teams in the league.

That's ridiculous. That's a lot of assumptions to make.

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