Hi dota 2! Former league player here :D

If you look to dedicate yourself to dota, you may add me.

I have a lot of experience, currently 5,6k mmr. I can teach you and let you know how to improve faster and how to climb the ladder more easily.

Heroes to play:

-Drow Ranger: DPS/Attack damage carry that gets online as soon as she reaches lvl 6. This hero rapes low skill games.

-Riki: DPS/Attack damage carry that has permanent invisiblity as long as you don't attack. (Fade time 2sec from whenever u do an action that is attacking). Does a lot of damage already at lvl 6. Also rapes low tier games.

Now you have got a bit more understanding of the game

At this point you can try heroes that requires more dedication that the previous two, which should be Wraith King (formerly known and missed as, Skeleton King)

This hero basically only have a stun, but his ultimate makes you respawn as long as you have over 160 mana when you die. (You respawn where you died. It's kinda like that item you can buy in league that makes u respawn with 40% hp or something. Guardian Angel (?).

This hero requires a bit more farm, but go try it out! Buy power treads, blink and blademail, followed by mjollnir and basher. Pretty cool.

Alright, these heroes are pretty simple.

Now you've got more insight in the game, and can try more advanced heroes.



Earth Spirit

Ember Spirit

Storm Spirit

All those hereos are very fun and fullfits their own roles, and has high skill ceiling.

One important tip:

When you gonna learn heroes, you can create a lobby, check of:

  • Cheats
  • Fill empty slots with bots

Then use the following commands (type it in chat):

  • -givebots item_skadi
  • -givebots item_skadi
  • -gold 99999
  • -lvlup 25

Now, you can practise ur spells vs. bots with a rather big health bar, without making them levelup to 25 ( -levelbots 25). If you level them to 25, they will have a very long respawn timer (death-time) meaning less time for practise.

That's it for now, hope I was helpful.

If you have further questions, you can ask them here:


/r/DotA2 Thread