Hidden in Hanabi

I agree. The last suit with a butterfly accessoire like that was the 100$ suit. Yeah, it was more oppulent but I think I could pull together a decent budget version that looks pretty nice.

I really liked what I got for the price, too. I know I'll use the hair a lot because I love the colour and I have various OCs I wanna try to make with a similar hwir colour.

And I'll probably use the make up a lot. My go to so far has been Pragya Princess if I didn't know what else to use but I might use this one as a substitute in suits with a red/purple theme. In my opinion the quality is comparable.

Also I've been wanting for a background with fire works for Starry Corridor purposes.

The dress both posed and unposed is a bit situational for me but I imagine in cloud themed comps it might do well. M

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