Hiring English Writers For A Canadian Company

If you're really fluent (near native level) you can work on rev.com, someone told me they make about $400 a month transcribing text in English working just a few hours a day,you need a 10/10 level of listening to pass the tests tho. The good thing about this is you won't need to work full-time if you don't want to, and you have your own schedule. I've heard there are a bunch of sites out there for transcriptionists that pay more than Rev, unfortunately I can't remember atm but there's plenty of sites here on Reddit where you can ask, r/beermoney is one of those.

As someone else already said, you can try Fiiver, Freelancer, workana, and any of these freelance marketplaces, the only issue I find with these platforms is that it takes time and effort for you to get clients so you'll have to be patient if you go this way.

r/slavelabour and r/forhire are also good options when you don't have a fixed-term job and want to make some dollars. If you're lucky you can even find a fixed job with a decent pay.

I'm a student so I can only work part-time, but I can tell you from my experience, I've been able to make those $200/mo working part-time with no skills whatsoever. I'm sure you can make more working full-time. (Even more if you have good skills).

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