Holy music stops

The movie is supposed to show how depraved child performances are and enlighten people that don't know that.

people know this shit already, no need for a movie to highlight it

It won't rehabilitate a pedo but might help deconstruct the industry that preys on children

This will only bring money and awards to the industry who does this. Remember how this movie got Sundance awards? Well here's a bonus for you and you better believe there are tons of guys like this, who the fuck do you think makes movies like this possible ?

brainwashes them into thinking that they are supposed to sexualise themselves and that is a bigger victory.

this is a parents problem not a children problem.

The last paragraph you said is just bullshit. Dude people know this shit is wrong, we don't need to see kids twerking on a screen to make us aware. You are literally defending this garbage by pretending it's actually educational.

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