How an EVE player amazed me

So somebody might actually be able to read this:

So, I am flying around and exploring the deep corners of wormhole space in my stealth bomber. Everything is like it usually is until I fly through a wormhole that takes me to a low-sec system where I am almost killed. I'm super stressed and I quickly warp back into wormhole-space. I scan to see if they followed me in but for some reason they didn't, while I scan I see a POS and I warp to it. As I arrive my ship glides into a warp bubble I am luckily around 4500 m from the nearest collider, so there's no risk of de-cloaking. And that's when I get an insurance notification in the bottom right corner, my ship is destroyed. I panic, move out of the bubble and warp off to a random location in the system, I see nothing on D-scan and I reflect on what just happened.

The only way I could've been killed is if I didn't cloak to begin with when I entered the wormhole, because I was so stressed. I think 'well well, lessoned learned'. And as I right-click to to select the bookmark to the wormhole, I notice something. There isn't one, not only did I forget to cloak, but i forgot to bookmark the wormhole. I have implants worth just over 100m, and I'm short on ISK, so self-destructing isn't much of an option. I hatched a plan, I'll log into my ALT, go to the system where I found the wormhole, scan it down and help my main to get out of there. After many jumps with my ALT I reach the system and I scan down the signatures in it, two of which were wormholes, non of which was my wormhole, it must've collapsed right after I entered.

It wasn't my day.

I log into my main and realise that self-destruct is my only option, but I really really didn't want to. I D-scan and I see a Gallante frigate, with the ship name being the same as the character who pilots it. I look the character up on zkillboard and notice that he doesn't have any kills. I feel fairly confident that he won't kill me if I ask for help, but I am still worried that he will. But I didn't have any other option. I convo him and tell him about my situation and ask if he can help me to get out of the wormhole. He reacts very well and he helps me out of it. I get out and at this moment I'm really happy that I didn't have to self-destruct. I send him 30m ISK, as a thanks. It mightn't seem like a lot but it's quite a bit of money for me, same with the story. It doesn't seem like much, but it does to me.

He could've easily shot me if he wanted to, but he helped me instead, and it amazes me.

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