[Stories] What's your "something doesn't feel right" moment that turned out to be true?

On Christmas Eve I took a bus from Iowa to my hometown and was stuck in a bus station in Chicago at around midnight. Sleep deprived, trying to make it home for Christmas. I had no money, no books, nothing to do. Just kind of sat there. So when this young, good looking guy sat down with me I welcomed some conversation. I was in my early 20s at the time. Really shy. The two of sat together but he kept wandering off randomly. Coming back. Gone for 15 mins, back for 15. It was a little weird, but I was young and kind of felt like I made a friend, so it was nice to pass the time. At first. Then I started getting a bad feeling. No reason in particular, really. Out of nowhere, I just felt "bad". There was just something wrong about him. A fakeness, maybe? Something creepy I couldn't put my finger on. I used to live by a zoo - whenever a lion would roar, I would get a flush of fear where my entire body would feel kind of vibrate - When I started to get that feeling I knew something wasn't right. I tried being cold to him, but I was really shy. At around 2 in the morning he rushed over to my table to tell me that his friend was outside and was going to give him a ride. We said goodbye to each other. Obviously I was relived. Maybe ten mins later he was back. His friend was willing to bring me along too and could drop me off in Milwaukee - the next sizable city over. I said no. He left again. I couldn't shake my freaked out feeling and felt really alone. Pretty soon everyone in the bus station started creeping me out, I started getting really paranoid and feeling almost claustrophobic, like I needed to get out of there. My legs were shaking uncontrollably...almost like my body itself was freaked out. At around 3:00 AM there was an announcement. The bus was heading out shortly, but because of the delay, they were giving us vouchers to stay at a hotel and finishing the drive on Christmas day. I got in line to get my voucher, when suddenly this young woman behind the counter shouted out "what are you still doing here? Get out!" He was back. He kind of laughed and shouted back that he was there to talk to me. She kept yelling at him to get out, and he kept laughing and yelling back as though they were just joking around, but I could tell she wasn't joking. After that the girl never took her eye off of me. People were leaving her line because she dropped what she was doing to watch me. When I was in the office arranging a hotel room she came around the corner and told the guy "you better not be putting her in Milwaukee, the rapist is following this girl". "The" rapist. My hotel WAS in Milwaukee and I had to walk in the dark alone to my room. When I got in the front desk called my parents and my 90 yr old grandpa picked me up around 5 in the morning and drove me home. My mom wrote letters to the bus company, because she wanted to find out who the girl was because "she's an angel!" but they just sent her a check in the amount of my bus ticket.

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