TIL: Cancer causing chemicals are found in 33% of personal care products such as baby products, shampoo, and cosmetics. The FDA doesn't limit or regulate their use, nor require they be disclosed to consumers.

thank you for your reply, and your conclusions as to why i made it. i did not say people were going to get cancer from these products. the headline says they contain cancer causing agents. these are not the same thing, and at no point did i say either.

my point is that people should educate themselves. people can draw their own conclusions.

but to follow your logic, cars should be banned because they cause death. however, thanks to a more educated public, cars are MUCH safer now. just like personal care products are.

quite frankly, you used the same all or nothing thinking that you were mistaken in applying to my post. you informed your post with this thinking, and as a result, your well written argument falls flat.

if you don't think chemicals in products can be a problem, that is your decision. did i say they cause cancer? no. i posted a link.

you say the source i posted has bias? EVERYTHING has bias. EVERYTHING a person says, does, thinks, or writes has bias.

i have no idea who this Goldacre fellow is, as i don't claim to be an expert in the field. plus, mobile phone radiation is a red herring.

i stated no opinion before in my first post. you erroneously attempted to say that i did. my "post" had no conclusion. you drew one based on your own biases. and i am fine with that.

i want to know what kind of crap is in the products that i use. if people think that companies should have free reign to put whatever they want in products and keep it secret from the public, great.

thankfully, people who don't reject things out of hand based on examples that have no bearing on a subject's matter are fewer and farther in between as educated people refuse to take at face value all of the things that are fed to them by people who are trying to sell a product.

but hey, if you don't think these things are great, maybe you should shout down all of the millions of people whose lives have been affected by cancer causing agents, and all of the scientists who are researching it. you can tell them that based on your in depth understanding, they are wasting their time.

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