How do you backpack around Europe? I'm probably too high-maintenance to understand why people do it

My apologies for my original post not being clearly written, I did not mean to offend anyone. I was not questioning you, or anyone else, wondering if you were crazy to do it, or insinuating that people who backpack are those who can't afford hotels and that. My apologies for that.

With that said, I am definitely not able to afford regular travel, I've been saving for a trip to Europe for 5 years now and still have a ways to go if I was to go the route I thought I'd enjoy the best (some sort of group tour/Contiki/predetermined travel itinerary). The reason being that I have a negative bias towards backpacking/hostels from anecdotes from friends, and wanted to do it the "safe" way. I understand now that my post came across as questioning your ways, and the others here, but it wasn't the intention of my post.

The root of my post was to understand the personalities and mentalities of people like yourself, and the other users commenting here, that allow you to say fuck it and roll with the punches if shit hits the fan. For example, I have no problem camping, backpacking, portaging here in my own province, because I know deep down if shit hits the fan I'm in a safe, secure area, with people who all speak the same language and would not have to deal with international police forces/security and not be able to explain the situation.

My negative biases stem from a friend getting to his room in a hostel, taking sheets back and the bottom sheets being covered in blood, got a new room that was fine, locked camera and tablet and a few other knickknacks in the locker, but took passport and whatnot, and came back to everything stolen. With that said, I've also had a coworker stay at a hotel who had everything stolen out of the safe in their room, embassy believed hotel staff were involved but told them to deal with insurance because there was no way to prove it (older couple that could afford a great credit card), ended up getting back more money than the trip cost them and the value of their stolen goods, but still, they lost pictures and possessions and also the security that their stuff is fine out of their sight for a few hours while being locked up. Lastly, My cousin was backpacking in Europe and he and a buddy had their bookbags stolen while they were walking around/travelling to a new city (I don't know the details, just that their bags were stolen and they lost everything, and it took them 3 weeks to get back here after dealing with the embassy wherever they were, they were lucky because his buddy's parents are pretty well-off and managed to get them a new credit card while over there to buy new clothes, food, etc). I personally wouldn't have such luck, so I guess the thought of being stranded for upwards of 3 weeks with potentially nothing scares me.

So, again, I am sorry that I was unable to provide a clear question for you, and the other readers here, I did not mean to offend anyone, I was just curious about how you are able to roll with the punches, so to say.

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