How is the community not rioting over in-game advertisements?

That's just fucking bs. And yes it doesn't matter that they can be disabled. You shouldn't see useless garbage like that during matches. Fuck. That. On the main menu?

Sure do it as long as I can disable it as well. Seriously I love Street Fighter and I always will but I can't remember the last time I played SF V. Shit I'm just waiting for crapcom, sorry I had to, to wake up and start development on SF VI. There're way too many good fighters out there and the only saving grave SF has that it's the most known/recognizable of them all.

Game's dead to me and has been for ages. Shit anime fighters do get a lot of shit but they're doing tons of things right while SF is doing tons of things wrong.

I honestly enjoy Killer Instinct and the likes way more than SF these days since that game's just a hot pile of shit at the moment.

The only good thing that has come out of SF V was G. His design and all that is genius and amazing but I feel sorry for him to be stuck in such a bad game.

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