is forcing your opponent to approach you a good strat

Running yourself into the corner is not really a good strategy, because then you will need to successfully escape from a bad situation, but...

You can really presss someone's patience if you space yourself where your opponent can't do whatever thing they're itching to do, and maintain that spacing. When people get impatient, they more easily get sick of walking towards you, and will jump to get there faster. If that is on the edge of your anti-air distance, you can get a knock down if they do. Spacing should be safe to add fireballs so you aren't awkwardly doing nothing yourself, if you have any.

A lot of times people just came out of the training room where they are learning something and want to do it on a real person, or they want to do their autopilot thing, etc.

If you are preventing them from doing whatever thing they really want to do through spacing, it annoys some people, and tilts them. In some ways this is similar to the run-and-gun style. Watch how Infiltration plays Nash online. He switches between this kinda thing and offence, and doesn't corner himself.

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