Ed and balance patch comes out May 30th

I really hope a lot of you drop this shitty game like I just did. They release this tweet like it's our savior, casually letting us know that the update which should've come out months ago is finally here. You guys will play it and love it, and forget all the shit Capcom has put you through for a year and a half. Fuck these people, they are a horrible company.

It's so painfully obvious they PURPOSEFULLY didn't release this patch before e-league finishes so it wouldn't hurt the 8 human beings playing in the tournmanet. Instead, Capcom thought it makes more sense to put thousands of people through horrible fucking unplayable netcode and lag, and not give them points, etc... instead. These people don't deserve another cent from any of us, another minute of playtime in their game, another second of thought towards this franchise. They've had a year and a half to send a big bright message to us, and unfortunately not many of us have the strength to read the message. THe message says this: "We do not give a fuck about you. Marvel Vs Capcom and 16 tournament players are more important to us than you".

Capcom had the audacity to charge us 15 dollars for a stage to enhance the "prize pool" for a tournament that affects 32 human beings at most, while sandbagging the fuck out of their "CFN" for a year to ensure those said tournamnet players don't have to adjust to new balance changes. Urien, Laura, Guile, and Balrog have been broken since the beginning of this year. The error codes have gotten worst and more prevalent.

Earlier today I snapped this disc in half and threw it in the garbage where it belongs. I would've sold it, but it's not worth the cd it's printed on. Only a game this fucking bad, with this piss poor of support, could be worth 20 dollars NEW only 8 months after it's release. IF you read their comments on MVCi, it's VERY clear that they've "learned their mistake" From the launch of sf5, and plan to avoid all of that with MvCi. Which of course means that that game will have much much more support and forward thinking than SF5, and less resources will be allocated to this failure and dying game.

For a year I have ranted about the problems of SF5. For a year and a half I have seen this ridiculous company release pathetic excuse of an "update" after pathetic excuse of an "update". They've made us for a year and a half wait idly by while they get their shit together. Unfortunately for them, and for me, they've completely and utterly destroyed their player base and fail to have even 5000 worldwide players in their PEAK weekends. This is because everyone else has wised up to these jokers.

Needless to say I feel liberated to not have to ever put myself through this abhorrent online gaming "experience", and I genuinely hope that others that have been slapped in the face for over a year do the same. inb4 "good riddance"

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