Friendly Reminder

That's funny because I only ever see trash players make threads on Reddit bitching about mechanics in a way that doesn't offer any discussion, and then respond with insults and LMAO to everyone. It's obvious you're trying to provoke people, we get it.

Seems like everyone else either learns to deal with weird mechanics or offer a thoughtful discussion.

All this thread does is make you sound like a scrub who is getting boddied by people who use AA jabs and you can't wait for them to be gone so that you can finally get to the rank that you deserve. The one that this stupid mechanic has held you back from achieving.

Except it won't, because it doesn't give anyone an advantage over you. You have all the same characters and tools available as anyone else.

Complaining ahout mechanics I'd one thing. Calling the players who use it trash and being obviously salty about it is just sad, though. Everyone with half a brain will just take advantage of them as an easy AA. As I said before, I'll eagerly be awaiting your next excuse for getting boddied by "trash players".

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