How is Dark Souls II: Scholars of the First Sin compared to Bloodborne?

This is an unpopular opinion, but Dark Souls 2 is twice the game Bloodborne is. Bloodborne has this fake breakfast cereal feel to it - cuts your mouth like real Captain Crunch does, but tastes funny.

Bloodborne is what happens when a developer buys too much into their own schtick: The disregard of quality of life features that don't diminish the gameplay or challenge, paired with atrocious load times (amplified by ignoring DkS2's QoL improvements) and despite being developed for the PS4, the framerate is fucked, and stutters at the worst possible times.

Say what you want about Miyazaki, had he and his team bothered to look at some of the common-sense improvements the Dark Souls 2 team incorporated, Bloodborne would be a game that worth my time. Now? I'm not going to spend a minute loading the Hunter's Dream, then another minute to load the next place I have to go. Or, you know, address the loading times. Or let me warp to another lantern from this lantern... It's a fucking dialogue box to save me hours of loading time over the course of playing the game, was that too hard to add? Co-Op and PvP is idiotic, matchmaking is impossible, and they've neutered the invasion system that made the Dark Souls games fun. Why can't we respec a character? Why are we back to a clumsy and obnoxious jump button, despite having a button available on the controller, with no option to change it? It's like "Hey customers, fuck you, because we're too lazy to incorporate this common sense stuff, but who cares because you'll buy it anyway!"

As it is, I'm still pissed that I bought it digitally instead of on disc so I can't trade that shit in - because I would. I'm satisfied to never play it again. And yes, of course I've beaten it, I can stomp the shit out of both Dark Souls games, and if you can do that Bloodborne will be just as easy for you. You will, however, just spend a lot more time staring at a loading screen for no good reason at all, and if you want to try something else with your character, tinker with your stats a bit now that you've learned the ropes - Naw, you're back to starting from scratch instead of a limited-availability consumable. None of this stuff makes the game harder, it just makes it a miserable chore to play.

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