How do you deal with 'imposter syndrome'?

If the medication is helping you achieve what you have already determined that you want to achieve or do, then if you still feel worthless or inadequate, that is got to be possibly another probem... because I don't see how if you are saying to yourself, hey, im now getting shit done, im now finally being sucessful in my life, im now no longer sittting around, thanks to my medication, im now able to move in a way I never have before.. I'm now getting on par with other people. Then what about that would make you feel like you are inadequate?

Only thing I can think of is, your not actually accomplishing or doing the things that you've been wanting to do, and the medication is not helping, so you still feel like you're not getting anywhere, therefore inadequate

If I'm now finally moving in the right direction THANKS TO MEDICATION, there would be ZERO reason to ever feel like im inadequate. How are they any better than me? SO what if they graduated medical school. That doesn't mean shit. Maybe you just need to change your attitude. And I don't have any solid advice other than to just look in the mirror and realize they are no better than you, that you are capable of doing so much, and you can change the world in more ways than they ever could if you put your mind to it

If you're gonna sit there and feel like despite medication, despite doing stuff, you still aint shit, well thats gotta be some sort of other underlying issue

Because I'll tell you right now, Now that I am back on adderall xr after years of avoiding it, im ready to fucking take over shit and I've never felt so confident in my life. I've never felt like a beast like this before. Can't NO ONE phase me. The only thing I would do is look up to other people who have more success than me, and say, I'm gonna get there too. And use them as inspiration. I expect you to downvote me.

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