How did it become controversial to want to maintain a white majority in the US?

They're pushing people over to the Alt-Right. I never had an Alt-Right bone in my body. I still consider myself a simple conservative, Alt-Lite, maybe, but overall I want to majority to be white. I still think this is a white country.

That's how most if not all conservative Americans think. They could be boomer GOP, Alt-Lite or libertarian. They ALL think this.

How come the GOP doesn't say this openly? Ann Coulter and Tucker Carlson are the only ones with the brass balls to say it openly, or at least ask the question politely.

Why is it that we have to not only accept the changing demographics, but celebrate it? Minorities in this country didn't always used to think that.

I don't believe that ten years ago they were cheering for this or even thought much about it. Some minorities probably don't want there to be a non-white majority. So the media is telling me them to enjoy it.

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