How different would the world be if the bible was never written?

The same cause the message of the Bible doesn’t promote anything negative or hateful it just calls us out on what we really are, and gives us basic instructions on how to carry ourselves if we desire to be saved from it.

More simply put the book itself wouldn’t change human nature. People would still be sheep looking for someone to follow, and evil would still run rampant.

Why else do you think Americans were able to blatantly contradict the book and use it to justify disgusting chattle slavery, or why the Catholic Church even exists in the first place with all their obvious added on, extra made up rules, and pedo problems? That’s why Nat turner is a historical figure, because they let him read it for himself. The sad thing is still even today most people don’t. They just know if the book and associate it with the godawful mainstream “Christians” and the Catholic Church....The book remains pure. The real question is how? Wouldn’t it have just been easier to change the actual message?

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