How is this even a question??

We all have a right to speak but also a responsibility not to offend anyone.

North Korea also has a "right to speak", that is, as long as you don't offend the regime by opposing it or its leaders in any shape or form, you can say what you want...within reason!

Is that what people in this country aspire to? Groupthink where any deviation from the views of the majority is bad, evil and punishable by law?

I can imagine that those people cheering on limiting freedom of speech in that thread were probably the very same ones cheering on Angela Rayner when she called all tories "scum".

Note that it’s right wingers/men are the only groups who prioritise free speech over stopping hateful/offensive speech. At the intersection of those it’s gonna be basically right wing men who are the folks who prioritise free speech.

Sure, I am a right winger (Libertarian), but I am also an immigrant with a foreign accent. I've been living here for 7.5 years and I can count the instances of "hateful/offensive speech" on one hand.

Did I care about it? Not really, no, people are entitled to be stupid and the responsibility is on you to grow a spine so that you don't run to the government to solve all of your issues. It's also your responsibility develop a thick skin to not care in the first place.

I am sick of how quickly people run to the Government expecting adjustments to be made instantly to "solve" the "issue" instead of seeking the solution within themselves.

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