How exactly have Asians been racist against blacks?

I was reading Family Properties by Beryl Satter. It was about nonracist Jews and Greeks who were pushed into a middle man minority role because the system prohibited black people from getting home loans.

These Jews and Greeks (equivalent to Asians and Hispanics in the 1950s) were portrayed as evil and racist by the white run media. But, Satter's dad was actually a civil rights activist who owned these houses.

From 1940 to 1970, black people were not allowed to get any loan because their very presence would downgrade an area to where banks will consider them high risk. In the 1920s, Asian Americans were not allowed to live in cities either, they lived in small towns like Locke, California.

In the 50s, Blacks in Chicago were rural migrants who could not get 户口's/state ID's. There were millions of them coming to Chicago because corporations like Ford, were building factories in cities. That is why there are a lot of black people in cities such as LA, NYC, and Detroit. They came from farms to the cities.

When the MSM talks about slum's in Asia they forget the same thing existed for Black Americans in the 50s. That's why projects like Cabrini Greene were built so that they can replace the rotten and collapsing buildings. Then the projects were demonized in the 80s.

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