Whats your main role and why?

When i first started i went mid since found couple of chamions that felt good annie and kennen.
Then i switched to support i really liked CC and poking.
then i went top lane nobody was ever picking tanks for me so decided id BE the tank and always have one on team.
Then i went jungle it can be lot of fun to just outsmart the enemy and i got a little more serious about learning how to play and dang u can really learn lot of cool stuff.
Then i went back top but now with teleport meta teamfighters like kennen/rumble/morgana.
Then Azir came out and it was love at first sight even when his ult was bugged 80% of the time. Went Azir OneTrickPony and toke azir as top,mid,sup,adc and jungler and it worked until they nerfed his soldier range that was the nerf that almost made him drop down below 30% win rate he was down hovering at 31-32 a few months UNPLAYABLE. Then i went back to mid which is my current main ranged mages just come easily to me, and i just prefer mid overall.

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