How far will you compromise on what you want?

I have every reason to believe will be my household until I croak with myself and my two s-types.

Ugh, the dream. Nice.

Those seem like relatively small compromises inside of the big picture.

Are they? I don't know, this feels important to me. I'm trying to dissociate the things that have made me happy in previous relationships from my must-haves in future relationships, and simply use those as evidence, guide posts, to future relationships.

It's not really an option for me.

I'm concerned it's not an option for me either. This is my wiring, and as a dom, I could no more be with a vanilla woman than as a straight man, I could be with a dude. Just not in the cards. But just like as a straight man I could, in theory, be happy with a woman who's a little taller, or a little shorter, so too I wonder, could I be happy outside O/p? Especially if, say, I met somebody who checked every other box perfectly... something I'm reflecting on this evening.

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