How do you feel about helping family, friends, and neighbors in a serious, potentially long SHTF scenario.

I feel for you mate. That is a very difficult situation to be in. One suggestion would be to have an immediate family (given age and capacity to participate of course) and ask for input and votes. It's after all, their survival at stake as well. Personality, I think that we must ask ourselves the question, "if my survival and that of my wife, children more important that the need or want to help others?. Most people have not been under the dire circumstances of having to survive. Perhaps, really thinking about it without any of the societal, personal or religious constraints is what we need to do.

I used to share my efforts with extended family and try to gently nudge them to prepare as well. I was told time after time, why?, "we know where to go if SHTF". Now mate, I hide my efforts. They see what I want them to see. In the event something happens and I have to provide "some help", they can see that the resources are limited, once provided that's is it.

This was a decision made with consent from immediate family. Teens and spouse. Good luck and may we never be put in such precarious position.

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