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How to fix issue unfortunately the process has stopped in galaxy s3, galaxy s2, emulator, tablet, note 3 and other Android mobile phone, Unfortunately the process android.process.acore has stopped, has stopped or fix issue of has stopped or How to recover your phone from “Unfortunately the process has stopped” issue, These days many of experts coming forward with their own style of solving frequent technical issues related to operating systems, software, non-software and many,

These days one of the famous issues on to picture in Android world is encountering an error message “Unfortunately the process has stopped”

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process has stopped2

Unfortunately the process has stopped “issue will be encountered S3 S2 Tablet This issue was found to be encountered Samsung Galaxy S3 and many of other Android-based Devices, There will be solution for everything, only matters is our abilities to find that, everybody may not solve the issue more quickly,

After crucial study we have came across many reasons for encountering the issue

“Unfortunately the process has stopped “issue will be encountered

• After new ROM installation,

• Update firmware

• After making modifications to data

• Restore the data

• While running the Android emulator,

• After upgrading the phone to latest versions of Android especially jelly beans,

• Due to not working of emulator-arm.exe

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process has stopped

Frequently Encountered issues as a result of unfortunately the process has stopped are

• Some came along with this issue by being in a stage that they cannot unlock their phone

• Few of the Android mobile users has been with devices giving error continuously when they try to receive the call the error message is “unfortunately the process has stopped”

• Few privileged customers of Google android encountered the same issue as their device started rebooting automatically and many more

Many of tech experts came out of solutions for fixing this issues in various ways, few result oriented solutions are here,

• You can clear the issue by just deleting the broken AVD from Eclipse (Android Virtual Device Manager) and create the new AVD with the same settings,

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• Dear Android user you can also clear the issue by Correct the resolution of your screen to 800×600

• Dear customer you may also fix error using Settings (Clearly explained step by step in this article)

• Dear viewer you can also fix error using custom recovery if you are still moving with same error after trying to fix the error using your device settings (step by step procedure for doing this method was clearly explained in this article)

• As a final finding no other best way to clear the issue on your device you can go with Factory Reset method, which results the losing of your data and Applications one can lost all the related data, apps,

How To Fix unfortunately the process has stopped Many solutions are on to picture, then there was a difficult for you in choosing the method to clear the issue, so one can fallow the methods as per errors you are encountering with the issue

  1. Choose the method of fixing the issue by using settings when your device was encountered with an issue that you are unable to unlock the phone,

  2. Choose the method of fixing the error by using Custom recovery when the Android-enabled device encountered with issues includes unable to connect the call, rebooting automatically,

  3. And finally Factory reset method which is optimum method for solving this problem, it is not a valued and suggested method because you are going to lose your internal and application data by using this method of clearing the issues, dear valuable reader one can go with this method unless you cannot clear the issue by moving with all the above suggested methods, If you really having the same issue after doing all the above strategies only move with this methodology ,a step by step process for doing this method was explained clearly in this article, I also add you that take an backup of your mobile data includes internal and application data before moving with this method, the processes you should follow for taking backup also clearly explained in this article, a valuable suggestion for you my dear valuable reader go with Factory reset method of clearing issue under Custom recovery, mean to say Custom recovery factory reset method so that you can at least save your internal data, as this method only wipes out Application data

How to fix the process has stopped by using settings Here below I have provided the steps to solve the issue, and move accordingly,

How to fix the issue when you are unable to receive calls

Menu keySettingsCall Settingsreject with messagesdelete the messages Or MenuSettingsApplicationsManage ApplicationsAll TabPhoneClear CacheReboot the phone

Note: it’s also a step in advance to clear cache data of contacts, close forcedly the apps Google service framework, Contacts, Gmail, calendar, mail, social media services under Running Services How to fix the issue by using settings Mobile = > settings = > all tab for finding all Apps = > Phone = > app info = > Clear data button = > Then go back to all tab = > Mobile = > Settings = > All tab for finding all Apps = > Simtool kit = > App info = > Clear data Button = > Reboot the phone

How to fix Issue of the process by using Custom recovery AROMA File manager to be downloaded from XDA website as a zip file and store in internal memory or external memory and should make it available after the phone in the Custom recovery which can be made by boot into recovery, Now navigate to find AROMA File manager Zip file,

Go to Yes-Install, now you can see AROMA File Manager

AROMA File Manager = > Menu = > Settings = > Mount Config = > Check its Option” Auto mount all devices On Start” = > apply changes by done

Navigate to Data/Data Folder = > delete Phone folder,

Go same with Sim Toolkit

Go to AROMA File Manager = > Menu = > Exit = > choose Yes

Go back to Recovery Main Menu and Reboot the phone So Still finding the error go with Factory reset method after taking Back up to your Mobile data Once again I warn you, preferred suggestion custom recovery Factory reset Method as this may leads to reset your mobile without wiping away the internal memory as it only wipes the apps data

How to do Factory reset method for fix process has stopped 1. Shut down the affected device 2. Hold the Keys (Volume up, Home, Power) all together until you feel device vibration 3. Now hold the keys (Volume up and Home), 4. You will be finding Android logo = > Back up = > Factory reset Comments and enquiries are always welcome, and suggest me as comment if you find any issue or solutions regarding Unfortunately the process has stopped

Conclusion of process has stopped fix S3 S2 Note 3 Tablet and other all Friends, We hope you will enjoy this guide, We are fully trying to introduce all working method which can help to fix this issue, Before first use above all method you should try to to restart you Android mobile phone, Because many time its also solved by restarting you Android, So give it a try, If after done it will not work then just try up to simple to advance method, If you need any help on this tutorial then just comment below.

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